I'm so excited to show you some photos of my first modern calligraphy workshop using a pointed pen. This means using a pointed metal nib, and dipping it into the ink to write. There are so many ways to create beautiful calligraphy but I like to say that the pointed pen is the OG version. 

This intimate workshop was held in downtown Redding at WORK. I had wanted a smaller class for this style of calligraphy as it requires a little more troubleshooting and has more components than uncapping a marker or dipping a brush into some paint. Figuring out how the nib, ink and paper all work together can be tricky so I wanted to make sure I was able to help each student and set them up for success.

I partnered with Glisten and Grace for the overall styling of the workshop. We went with foraged foliage, some simple white flowers and copper accents. My husband made custom wooden inkwells that I later dressed in some copper leaf. Copper was the perfect little pop of color and shine. 

It was a Saturday morning well spent. I had such a great group of students who are truly naturals! For more info on future workshops, you can check back on my website or on instagram at @doubledippedcalligraphy. Check out the hashtag #doubledippedworkshops for photos from students work and previous workshops as well!